Church Monument Sign

Most monument and pylon sign designs follow the archtecture of the associated business establishment. Here is a monument sign design that takes design elements from the church it is advertising. It includes a monocolor electronic message center. A full color EMC clashed too much  with the classic design of the monument sign.4382 - St. Aloyouis_Catholic_Church_Cleveland_R0

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Front & halo lit sign

This church wall sign design is bilingual in English and Chinese. Drawn to precise architectural scale, the second page has construction details. Please click to open full size JPG and PDF files.
Home of Christians Rev 02
Home of Christians Rev 02
Home of Christians Rev 02 page 2

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Koreatown Galleria

koreatown galleria

The corner “Koreatown” sign is a radiused illuminated sign that was fitted to a steel rolled I-Beam. It consists of front-illuminated channel letters on a radiused custom fabricated background. I used mensuration calculations in the structural design of the sign so that it fit on the General Contractor’s supplied radiused I beam. The logo is a non-radiused front illuminated channel plaque blossom attached directly to the window mullions. The “Galleria” open face clear red neon channel letters were installed on a space frame that I designed with outrigger beams out from the window framing.
The two stacked secondary signs have radiused brushed aluminum faces with routed out/push thru graphics. They were dual illuminated front and back.
I rendered the CorelDRAW engineering drawings based on AutoCAD drawings of the building from the architect.
Shown is daytime appearance along with night time appearance.
Please click on the photo to enlarge it.

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Complex Three-Dimensional Project, Jamboree Promenade, Irvine, CA

Jamboree Promenade pole pattern sm

This was one of the most challenging three dimensional sign projects in my career. These pole decorations were laid out orthographically, then as flat pattern files.
Note that the fins have slots located at the edges so that the aluminum spirals could be welded into place.
I made a scaled down pattern file to build a paper model that proved that the patterns would work for the finished product,
which is shown in the photograph.

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Architectural Model of a complex sign project

sign model sm

Sometimes a sign project is so complex that a scale three dimensional model conveys the design intent better for the client instead of a virtual sign on the computer screen. This project had a curved front sign, with secondary signs that had wavy backgrounds. I built the building model using foamboard, with printed paper details glued to the surfaces. The sign models were built from styrene plastic sheets and rods that I acquired from a hobby store. My childhood hobby of plastic model building proved to be of value for this project.

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Three Dimensional Custom Monument sign with all surface curvature

Encino Marketplace sm

This sign design is three dimensional, with all surfaces curved. The challenge here was making the pattern files, shown in the lower portion of the photo. All of the curved surfaces were cut out of flat aluminum sheet with a MultiCam Router. It took a lot of mathematics to figure out the dimensions of the parts so that they would curve properly when assembled.

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Mission Parish School Project: Cast Bronze Wall Plaques

Mission Parish School Interior signs 2 sm

These custom wall bronze plaques were manufactured by a subcontractor, Matthews. They duplicated the CorelDraw “leatherette” background perfectly. The drawing includes an installation detail.

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Mission Parish School Project: Cast Bronze Letters

Mission Parish School Interior signs 3 sm

These custom cast bronze letters, using the Optima font, were manufactured to specifications by a subcontractor.

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Mission Parish School Project: Cast Bronze Room Number Plaques

Mission Parish School Interior signs 4 sm

Cast bronze room number plaques, rendered in Corel Draw with a custom bitmap fill. The subcontractor, Matthews, duplicted the artwork exactly with the finished product.

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